Profile Tube System D30

The specialist for light transport weights! New Braking Castor Insert D32-50 regulates the speed of transported goods weighing from 200 g to 3500 g on Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E D30.
The specialist for heavy transport weights! Braking Roller Set D93-130 M8 ensures that loaded assemblies, containers and goods up to 200 kg in weight move evenly and smoothly.
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Axial Joint Set M6

Braking Castor Insert D32-50

Braking Roller Set D93-130 M8

Release Unit D30 Bar 70/45 T1

Delivery unit
1 pce.
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Thread Adapter M6 LH/RH T1

Thread Adapter M6 LH/RH T2

Threaded Rod M6-1000

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 1000 mm

Roller D60/D6-25 ESD

Roller Set 8 D60/D6-25 ESD

Angle Joint Set M6